Designed by Boxer & Co., Australia.

The SunRice Health & Wellbeing range introduces a collection of products with clear functional benefits. Products naturally highlighting the goodness of rice, nutritious grain blends and certified organic rices come together in a family of products, focussed on natural goodness and vitality. Targetting the health-conscious consumer, variants include Rice & Quinoa, Rice & Barley, Low GI and Organic Rices.

The design solution needed to come from a very natural positioning and re-enforce the ‘from the earth’ nature of the product. A health store inspired paper-look bag texture was used to form a base for various hand-written style fonts and a vegetable-inspired colour palette was created. Delicious and healthy rice-based dishes were created and shot to add appetite appeal and inspiration to the front of pack. The SunRice reveal mechanic, which is utilised across all core rice packaging, reveals a window for product viewing and to house the nutrition thumbnails which are of particular interest to this target market. The benefits of each rice, such as ‘Antioxidants’, ‘Dietary Fibre’, Sustained Energy Release and Lowers Blood Cholesterol were given a particularly high ranking in the pack communication hierarchy in line with the product’s positioning. A muted version of the main SunRice logo was created, to work in harmony with the rest of the pack.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery