Written by Mark Chapman, the Sales Manager for UK based custom and bespoke packaging specialists, Project Packaging.

For years consumers and brands haven’t been concerned with creating unique packaging for garments and this is largely due to the nature of clothing itself. Clothes are worn, they hang in wardrobes and retailers give customers their clothing in plastic bags, so on the surface why would there be a need for clothing packaging?
But with so many other products using custom packaging as a way to secure more sales and generate publicity for their brand, clothing retailers and manufacturers now see packaging as a perfect counterpart for marketing their goods.

As you’ll see from my examples below, some brands have paved the way for bespoke clothing packaging, making it an essential element to the design of their product whereas other brands are using packaging as a means to “wow” and engage shoppers.

Here are my top five examples of bespoke clothing packaging.

1. Here! Sod

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