Designer: Manon Fauvel
Project Type: Concept
Location:Bordeaux, France

Bin bags : An item we use everyday, but too often lacks originality.

Today we turn something useful into something pleasant.

With "ROTTEN FRUIT" you can say goodbye to bad smells in your kitchen.

"ROTTEN FRUIT" is a new range of bin bags with the texture and natural scent of fruits.

The range is simple and effective to use, with a system similar to a box of tissues, they are easy to remove one by one from the packaging.

The box is made mainly with transparent plastic allowing the user to see through it the texture of the fruit. This allows the brand to stand out on the shelves and get noticed by consumers.

"ROTTEN FRUIT" is launching three bag sizes (30L, 50L, 100L) making them adaptable to 3 different bin sizes.

The range has been created for people passionate about cooking and homemaking. Now taking out the bin bag is no longer a chore, but a real pleasure.

With "ROTTEN FRUIT" you can become the king or queen of the neighbourhood with your strawberry, watermelon or pineapple under arm. If that isn't true class then what is!

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