Creative Agency: Brandbox Branding
Creative director: Kiro Altman
Art-director: Umid Mirzabekov
Designer: Julia Lisenko
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Brandbox Branding Kazakhstan agency created a design identity of the brand of vodka – "Chayhana" (uzbek teahouse).

"We have analyzed the images associated with the concept of "Chayhana". According to the results, "Chayhana" has the following associations: trestle bed, trees, green tea, shashlik (a form of kebab popular in Central Asia), pilaf (uzbek dish in which rice is cooked in a seasoned broth), cheapness, laugh and social gathering.

The characters on design are very close and understandable to every inhabitant of Uzbekistan, however, the usage of this kind of design seemed to be not reasonable and the same time banal.

So we decided to use as a working base the place of teahouse itself – “chayhana”.

During brainstorms and discussions it became clear that it’s not the best solution to play with minimalism, since vodka is oriented for inexpensive price segment, its target audience is not particularly refined.
The design identity of "Chayhana" vodka should reflect the brightness and involvement to the culture. It should smoothly fit into the surrounding interior. Be close and dear to customer. Be used as a decoration if required. We decided to be inspired by the culture of Uzbek Fine Arts. It was necessary visually not to skimp on the general solution, the full visual part should be seen immediately. The general shape of the bottle should be refined and smooth. So, what we actually have realized.”

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