Designed by Filip Mishevski, Macedonia.

the client
The winery is one of Macedonia’s biggest and finest, producing quality wine both for the domestic Macedonian market and for export.

An excerpt from their website explaining in short the company history and mission:
“Tikveš Winery has been narrating Macedonia’s story as a winemaking country ever since 1885. Our goal is to turn this story into a best-seller by positioning Macedonia’s Finest to the top, regionally as well as globally. We see Tikveš becoming one of the most important players in the European and global winemaking industry and we invest all our energy in order to meet this long-term objective.”

the brief
You can read more about the International Open Call here – .

the designs
All four designs are differently addressing the brief, each in its own way highlighting the name of the wine, the origin and the taste of the specified target audience.

What I’ve tried to accomplish was to create memorable labels but still manage to be on brand with the established and recognizable identity of the rest of the Tikveš wine products.

The labels are clean and simple with few print techniques applied to enhance them – the use of die cutting, embossing, hot print and lacquer.

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