Design: Milk Brand Agency
Creative Director: Ben Reid
Design Director: Sarah Melrose
Designers: Laura Currie & Jeannie Burnside
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Hanleys
Location: New Zealand
Packaging Contents: Dog food

Hanleys make natural dog food, backed by science and enriched with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It's an ethical business founded by Philippa Hanley, a genuine animal lover who also has a background in dairy science and equine nutrition.

With a personal passion for natural foods herself, Philippa knows that a lot of issues that animals are treated for at the vets can be corrected with diet. Unfortunately, like doctors, vets are often influenced by 'the big guys' in pet food – not always the best solution.

With this in mind, Hanleys asked us to create a brand that reflected their honest and natural passion for animals and nutrition.

Hanleys have a simple approach for decision-making within the business. They ask themselves: 'What's best for the animal?'

We extended this approach to our task, creating a proposition of 'Doing the absolute best for your animal' – through diet, owners can see a visible difference in the appearance, energy and performance of their animals, sometimes within days.

Our proposition was supported by our brand values:

  • The lightest touch – Ingredients as close as they can be to what dogs should be eating.
  • Smaller is better – feed them less, feed them best.
  • Know your sources – reliable and trustworthy food sources that reflect integrity.
  • Put each animal first – what's best for the animal.
  • Act with love -celebrate the bond between people and animals.

We also knew that:

  • People consider their animals to be part of the family
  • Trusted advice is the most important driver of choice
  • Pet food trends follow human trends

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