Creative Agency: Panfilov & Yushko CG
Art Director: Panfilov Dmitry
Naming Maxim Kuharev
Designer: Dmitry Panfilov
Illustrators: Alexey Soloviev, Aleksey Rico
Writer: Liz Bartik
Prepress: Maxim Vikhlyantsev
Press: Steppe Magpie
Photographer: Andrey Fomenko
Photo retouching: Denis Pechersky
Videographers: Andrey Potapov, Artur Datsko
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Gennady Kuznetsov
Location: Stavropol, Russia
Packaging Contents: Calvados
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, metal cover decoration, wood cover
Printing Process: Hand crafted letterpress printing on cotton paper

"Blue Dog" is a story of transformations. A story about the inner strength that attracts to itself, which attracts, fascinates and does not let go. The story of the magic that can wake up inside you and change everything.

"Blue Dog" is released by a very limited edition – only 53 bottles. Everything from the gathering fruit and bottling to the production of labels and boxes – everything is handmade. So the part of soul gets into drink and allocates it with magic and character.

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