Design: Chosen Vitamins in-house design
Designer: Cezar Bianchi
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Chosen Vitamins
Location: United States

Redesign of Visual Identity for American Vitamin Company

Chosen Vitamins is a South Florida based company, one that manufactures and sells vitamins and supplements in a way that was initially geared towards a very explicit clientele base. Over the course of the years 2012 and 2013, the company decided to expand its market and present itself as more professional brand boasting a far more attention-grabbing and universal image. In order to successfully do so, the visual identity of the product needed to be distinguishable from its competitors while representing a more modern and arresting logo. Contemporary, energetic logos are still lacking significantly within the American vitamin market, undeniably giving Chosen Vitamins a leg up on the competition.

The graphic concept employed in the future visual identity of the brand was developed exclusively for the new packaging design, which is undeniably the initial and main point of customer contact with the brand.

With the thorough packaging redesign, the Chosen Vitamins line was able to drastically improve the perceived quality and value of products by consumers. This particular visual concept appeals to an active faction of society, and implies a more active lifestyle based upon the vitality and liveliness of the design. The goal is to attract those who are health conscious regardless of age, and the difference in product branding dynamism is apparent when compared to other vitamin companies. Moreover, during the implementation of new and improved packaging, the marketing materials and sales of Chosen Vitamins have been adapted to differing, applicable languages on both the website and throughout various social channels.

he new visual identity of Chosen Vitamins is made even more apparent across the entirety of the product website, creating a strong and recognizable brand image. The customer will be able to identify all varying product lines through a combination of the vibrant colors and design elements the company employs.

To make the product redesign even more attractive to online consumers, the site additionally applies dynamic features to assist in extremely user-friendly site navigation. Consumers are targeted by age, sex, and personal preference based on comprehensive data collected regarding other, similar products.

In addition to visual changes within the website, an established and effective presence in social media is very important. In order to successfully establish the brand in numerous social media platforms, several different approaches have been implemented.

Inspirational, health-related daily posts were created to increase awareness of a brand that deeply cares about the physical and mental welfare of its consumers – and of people in general. Phrases, images, and health tips were created and shared during the new visual identity implementation, resulting in even further improved consumer perception.

The sponsorship of athletes was the last stage in the launch of the new Chosen Vitamins brand. Fabiola da Silva, an in-line skater and 7-time world champion was the first athlete to use the brand name in competitions, presentations, commercials and TV spots.

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