Designed by DASC Branding, Greece.

A new line of premium quality Greek extra virgin olive oils, designed for one of the major Greek olive oil companies, Eleon Hellas, the olive oil division of Soya Hellas SA.

Aiming for the highly competitive international super market distribution channel, the “Greek Olive Drops” line is consisted of a low acidity extra virgin olive oil, an organic extra virgin olive oil and two PDO’s, one from Kalamata and an other from Sitia, two of the renowned olive oil territories in Greece.

The main visual, the “Big olive” in a round background, is eye-catching and really stands out in the rather crowded super market shelves. The color code instantly separates the four variants: white for extra virgin, green for organic, orange for Kalamata PDO and yellow for Sitia PDO. The “Dorica” bottle was chosen to keep packaging costs relatively low and the productivity high.

The “Greek Olive Drops” line successfully started its carrier at Anuga 2013 International Fair and was welcomed overwhelmingly by the international market.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery