Designed by Bosin design, Taiwan.

The Best of Kaohsiung, Longan Honey of Dagangshan” is the honey assessment brand of the Agriculture Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government. Through the unified packaging and designing, integrating the local agricultural resources, marketing the Longang Honey of Dagangshan.

To make a good start and visibility, integrating the designing from the bottle to the carton packaging. By using the element of honeycomb hexagon that integrates into the designing, emphasize the resource of the pure honey. The hexagonal column glass blottle is decorated with relief lines of honeycomb. The Longang Honey filled in the crystal-clear glass bottle presents the high quality and the delicious flavor. The carton appears the unique hollow hexagon, the solid shape has both protection and presentation functions of the product. The design of the carton uses yellow for the ground with the black stripes, intensify the imagery of bees, the packaging shall be eye-catching and recognizable. Through the red and golden certified labels shows the class the products. The golden ribbon highlights and product, provide a higher sense of quality.

By reforming the designing of the packaging image, assisting the upgrade of agriculture, promoting the brand value of the Longan Honey of Dagangshan.

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