Designed by Hélder Melo, Portugal.

For this project, students were asked to choose a food product from which the student develops a Gam Special (Gourmet , Premium , Commemorative , Thematic , among others ) with 3 varieties .

The brand I chose was the Margao ( spices ) . The choice due – to the fact that a product full color and daily consumption. A collection of my collection is called “ Secrets “ I associated with each of the three varieties ( Cumin , Curry and Paprika ) their country of origin , and to represent each of these countries build patterns using symbols characteristic of each region . The colors used in the pattern all meet the colors of the product itself , thus creating greater harmony . The packaging is made of glass , so that the consumer can see the product that is on the package , because the product is so rich and vibrant in terms of color and texture which is an asset to enhance my collection of other products . For the second phase of the project I decided to make a poster as a way to advertise my product.

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