Designed by CARTILS, The Netherlands.

The world’s largest cocktail liqueur brand was recently redesigned by CARTILS branding & packaging design consultants. The revolutionary new 2D and 3D redesign clearly retains some recognisability of the brand while reinforcing the modernity, authenticity and authority.

The new asymmetrical bottle shape aims to become a ‘modern classic’. One of the important elements that was maintained on the bottle was the long neck, still allowing bartenders the easy handling of the bottle, for which it was very well-known. However the bottle shoulders were raised in order to increase the pride and confidence of the brand. The detailed embossings, including on the shoulders and the punt of the bottle, clearly indicate the level of detail and attention the new bottle design has received. Classic cues like gold foiling and the crest watermark underlines the long history and experience of De Kuyper in making great liqueurs.

From a brand architecture perspective the 43 bottle range was divided into 4 ranges; essentials, classics, fruits and exotics, all with slight differentiations in order to attain a clear positioning.
Albert de Heer, global marketing director said:

“We think the packaging conveys quality, authority and authenticity. It has richer embossing and would look good anywhere, especially in a bar and a hotel.”

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery