Manufacturer: Aurika
Inks waste photography: Marius Turauskas
Product photography: Egle Gendrenaite
Graphic design: Vytaute Zoviene
Creative director: Justas Ivanauskas
Technologist: Tomas Baciulis
Prepress: Ligita Kardokiene
Project Type: Contract manufacturing
Location: Kaunas, Lithuania
Packaging Contents: Water
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, Plastic
Printing Process: Digital printing

Create water labels to represent activities and goals of printing house “Aurika”. Most important goals of the company are to stimulate creativity and develop technological solutions for the realization of unique design ideas. Water would be used in meetings with costumers, company events, etc.

We found creativity in the place where it is least expected. Printing inks waste tanks appeared to have artistic value and were captured in photos. Photos inspired the main idea of label graphic design – imitation of stroke in printing process. We chose passive colors photo for still water and active colors photo for carbonated water series. In order to personalize each bottle we used automatic algorithm which makes all designs unique. Our design and raw materials idea was to conform to the principles of sustainable environment. We used minimum quantity of recyclable raw materials.

2 products: still and carbonated water. Algorithm automatically generated 500 unique color patterns from inks waste photos. Visual impression is enhanced by the sensation – a tactile "wet-touch" effect.

Labels are printed in 21 language to address company costumers from different countries. Only 1 label used to mark a bottle instead of 2 labels. Label raw material chosen for the production contains wash-off adhesive. The product participates in the returnable packaging system.!

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