Creative Agency: Pavlov's Design
Client: Ltd “Elita Hleb Service”
Location: Russia

Trade mark “ Tomin Hleb” – modern private bakery

Trade mark rebranding

– development of the foundation of the brand;
– development of the brand architecture;
– development of the new system of visualization and redesign for all trade lines of the products;
– design and makeup more then 45 SKU;
– marketing and advertising support while start up of the trade mark;

The project started one year ago from the goal to update the logo and to develop the unified visual image for trade mark “Tomin Hleb”. As a result it turned into the full rebranding for the trade mark causing further changes.

It is a small production since 1992, well known by its tasty bread.

As a basis the image of the modern home bakery where careful and hospitable owner controls the high quality products passing them straight to the shop was taken.

“We are producing bread in the small bakery using only natural Russian components and deliver it to the shops so that you could enjoy the taste of our baking. We are gathering recipes from all over the world. Our bakers are talented, with magic hands! Our goal is to please you with the most tasty and healthy products. We love our job and share this love with you. Our bread is tasty as it was made with love and care.

Working with brand architecture the range of products was changed as well. Now all the products are divided into categories which are convenient for traders and final consumers. Product lines are the following: “ Klassika”, “ Source for health”, “ Russian recipes” and also confectioner’s line.

Each line possesses style making elements distinguishing it from the others. Design of the wrapping was made with the emphasis on the peculiarity of the concrete product, having its tasty legend. The logo is not playing the main role any more but preserves notable. The main visual elements, uniting all the lines became original illustrations, made by hand fonts and general composite style. The brand changed totally. The main goal which our agency achieved during the work was – to separate this brand from the competitors on such an overpopulated market and to bring the main value of it – bread straight from the modern home bakery, from careful and professional hands.

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