Manufacturer: MW Luxury Packaging
Photography: Alex Bibby
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Diageo
Location: United Kingdom

Every bottle of Johnnie Walker is special in its own way – but it’s the Blue Label that wows every single time. Bold yet silky on the palate, this titan of the whisky world explodes on the tongue with hazelnuts, honey and rose, finishing with smoke and spice.

Honouring such a world-class whisky is no easy job, but when it came to the design and manufacture of the Blue Label pack for Diageo’s 2017 Artist Series, no expense was spared.

Working off a design by Tristan Eaton, the MW team constructed a pack with a high quality, double thickness rigid board structure. The exterior is wrapped in premium core-dyed, pearlescent blue stock with a bespoke texture. Detail has been included in the form of subtle spot varnish, embossing, and electric blue foil highlights.

Constructed around a central hinge, the pack opens seamlessly when the two halves are gently pulled back. In one half sits the bottle of Blue Label and in the other, two whisky tumblers; EVA fitments hold each element snugly, and ribbon attachments allow for easy removal.

The finishing touch is a carry case covered in white pearlescent stock and fronted with an Eaton illustration: “Throughout history, artists have used the female form to convey rare, unexplainable beauty. I wanted to capture the unique craft behind this liquid and by using eyes and faces, hinting at the personal connection people have with it.”

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