Designed by The BrandHouse, Greece.

6 months ago, The Brandhouse was approached by a couple of young olive oil producers who were just starting their company. Their brief was quite different: “We‘re not going to produce just another Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we will produce the first ever Cream of Green Olives! Our dream is to bring to the people a product with unparalleled antioxidant and nutritional values, solely made by hand, milled in stone and processed without the use of any mechanical means”.

So we took up the challenge: To create an innovative packaging design for an innovative product. The design had to be: raw, different, exciting, a novelty and at the same time carry all the ancient knowledge the Greeks have in producing olive oil! These factors could only lead to one creative solution: This product is going to be a milestone in its category and it is processed in millstone, so why not name it and introduce it exactly like that!

This is how MILESTONE was born! Its bottle is a pure representation of the millstone itself; it is made by stoneware, a material that potters call “the man made stone” and is the perfect solution for preserving the taste and high nutrition values of the product! The pairing of the brand name MILESTONE along with the millstone design of the bottle deliver a straight forward and solid message: Innovation and tradition when combined can differentiate a product from its category or even create a category of its own, therefore: A MILESTONE!

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery