Designed by Pixelinme, Germany / Azerbaijan.
Designer: Ramin Nasibov

Packaging design for Premium Class ” P R E S T I G E ” juice.

The “Prestige” packaging concept with its’ non-standard design solution, contains the sense of premium class product and stands out of the overwhelming crowd of juice packagings. Although, creating the minimalistic, premium class and dynamic design in a single concept was a challenge, the solution based on attribute aspects combined in a most harmonic way was found.

Packaging concept minimalism is represented by its’ “book like” shape. Straight lines and no single curves- like a book, the “Prestige” packaging is easy to carry and takes a little space on shelves and in your fridge.

Premium Class:
Each packaging design contains harmonic and at the same time elegant patterns, which define each packaging and each product as a single handcrafted work of art, thus associating it with premium class lifestyle.

In order to give the packaging dynamic feeling, the intense and bright colour sets reflecting each product type were chosen, thus the overall project goal was achieved.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery