Creative Agency: :OTVETDESIGN
Project Type: Commercial Work
Brand: Vertex, Ginocomfort
Location: Russia

Packaging redesign for “Ginocomfort” intimate cosmetics and personal care products.

In order to look attractive and be alright, every woman keeps secrets that no one should know. Especially in such a delicate field as intimate hygiene. Women have a specific attitude towards intimate care products. Women try to let no one into their comfort zone, and they do not like to blazon forth their intimate care products in bathroom. Having this attitude in mind, Vertex pharmaceutical company set a distinct task for :OTVETDESIGN – to make packaging for a product line of intimate cosmetics and personal care products which, without turning an eyelash, could be bought in a pharmacy, got out from a purse or put on a rack in bathroom. When making a design it was critical to get away from the usual images and clichés. So, a woman who is having a bath and thoroughly enjoys it appeared on packaging. Calm and relaxed posture conveys comfort and harmony of herself and her body. Clean and white background like a blank sheet of paper, on which, in bright spots, the image of a woman appears. And it is always nice starting a new day and a new life with a clean sheet.

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