Creative Agency: AVC | Agency of Visual Communications
Art Director: Kirill Vyazmikin (AVC)
Illustrator: Katerina Martinovich (AVC)
Designer: Alexander Monich (AVC)
Director of Customer Servicer: Natalia Elinskaya (AVC)
Deputy General Director of Marketing: Elena Kameisha (Morozprodukt)
Specialist of marketing department: Natalia Khudina (Morozprodukt)
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Morozprodukt
Location: Minsk, Belarus
Packaging Contents: Ice cream

By the summer season the company Morozprodukt has launched a new line of ice cream "Tasty Tube". The concept of package design was developed by our agency.

"Varnish tube" — the legendary ice cream and one of the symbols of the USSR. Bright memories of the summer park, an unforgettable taste, a touch of the past and the present conveys a vintage style of packaging.

Font name resolution, charming ice-cream woman on the background of Gorky Park, appetizing foodzone — all the design elements attract attention and offer to try a delicacy created in the best traditions of the past time.

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