Designed by Jenny Lee, United States.

Rebranding of Ace Hardware and new urban gardening packaging line developed for its private selection. Gardening = therapy. The rebrand aspires to reconnect people with nature within a contemporary context. For this particular project, sustainability was not just an afterthought but the big driving force behind the packaging solution. There is not a drop of glue used in this packaging system. Each packaging form is made from a single piece of material that folds and self-locks within itself. The liquid fertilizer and the pruning scissors packaging are perforated in strips so that they may be repurposed as seedling markers. By using concentrated liquid fertilizer that comes in its own dilute-and-pour mixer bottle, manufacturers save not only space and money but make far less carbon footprint. By simply pouring onto the base of the plant, the formula also won’t get onto undesirable surfaces such as skin or tabletops.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery