Creative Agency: Delightindee
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Scarlet Aces
Location: Indonesia

Bali is know as the Paradise Island, where exotic flower with vibrant colors and memorable, peaceful scent where ever you go; especially in their villages.

Balinese use various flowers in their daily offering in their religious rituals. Typical flowers used in offerings are hydrangeas, plumeria, marigold, sandat and pacah – all brilliant colors that represent the chakras.

These Bali Series body butter from Scarlet Aces represents the iconic smell of flowers & fruits you can found in tropical weather.

They have 4 different kind of scent :
Bali Potpourri ( Frangipani, Lotus & Champaca)
Bali Flower Bouquet (Gardenia & White Lily)
Frangipani Vanilla (Frangipani & Vanilla)
Paradise Fruits (Tropical fruits & Honey)

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