Creative Agency : Mainostoimisto Adams Oy
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Arctic Warriors Ltd
Location: Helsinki. Finland

Lapland mythology meets anime – Arctic Warriors bring Lappish herbs to life

In the pure but harsh conditions of the north, the Arctic Warriors used their powers to help the ancient people to survive through cold winters, bitter winds and pain. Long lost and forgotten, the powers of the arctic nature are now back to replenish you in these modern times. The warriors are ready.

The arctic conditions, harsh winters and nightless nights of summer, make Lapland a rather unique growing environment loading our herbs with powerful substances, which cannot be artificially copied.

Arctic Warriors Ltd is now bringing these wonderful Lappish herbs to life through the story of three Arctic Warriors Defence, Endurance and Energy.

The herbs are packed as gel and honey shots in innovative, easy-to-use easy snaps sachets which are easy to carry with you in purse or pocket allowing you to have a strong but tasty boost to your day.

This unique new range of innovative products needed a new and fresh approach for both visual identity and and packaging design. The visual identity and the packaging design of Arctic Warriors is based on the fun and playful characters, the three warriors, that portray the special powers of each product. Customer will easily be able to identify each product by the character and the color code that represents the specific warrior and their power. The packaging design is approachable, bright and tells the story of the product and the brand in an appealing and fun way.

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