Creative Agency: Reynhard. Communication Design
Project Type: Concept
Location: Nijmegen, the Netherlands

At Chinese take-away restaurants I always get this simple paper wrapped around the plastic boxes containing the menu items I’ve picked and a plastic bag to carry it home. But why can’t we buy whole Oriental family-microwave-menus in stores? It only comes in separate menu items or smaller portions.

Derived from the simple take-away wrapping I’ve designed this folding system which goes around some food containing boxes. Once folded it makes an easy to go box which will visually stand out in the average supermarket.

Without using a lot of paper it makes a solid pack to carry. In two sides a pattern is cut out, linked to the country the meals origin lays and which makes it possible for the customor to check out the food trays. Colours and graphics will label the different meals to choose from. Once unfolded the box opens like a coloured (lotus)flower in order to present the four boxes inside in a tasty and stylish way.

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