Creative Agency: McCANN Belgrade
Creative director: Vladimir Cosic
Associate Creative Director: Lidija Milovanovic
Copywriter: Milos Paunovic, Marija Stosic
Designer: Natasha Radosavljevic
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Carnex
Country: Serbia

The Brief:
Redesign the packaging for several types of hams, salami, and sausages, all belonging to the same brand: a well-trusted, traditional, albeit sleeping giant. The brand was not active for a while; it needed to remind people that it was there, that it still stood for high quality and was as modern and fresh as its products were tasty.

The Concept:
Imagined, produced, packaged with care… Just like in the old days.

Remember how each piece of ham used to be individually covered with paper, love and a few good words from your local shopkeeper? Remember that thin rope that used to be wrapped around the juiciest sausages? Remember when food tasted like joy? The traditional, or traditional-looking packaging is very much on-trend in the design world; it is this trend we are tapping into, along with the trust and rich history that our client’s brand is known for. Each packaging looks like it was hand-wrapped and cared for, and hand-stamped with statements of quality. The particular colours were chosen to distinguish the products on the shelves / in the shop fridges, as well as to communicate the step into the modern times, and the inherent joy of food.

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