Creative Agency: MSTF Partners
Executive Creative Director: Susana Sequeira / Lourenço Thomaz
Design Creative Director : Daniel Palma
Designer: Daniel Palma
Copywriter: Sara Couto
Strategy: Patrick Stilwell
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Rise
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Create identity – naming and packaging – for a new brand of superfood* mixtures. The new brand should stand out in POS – both among natural products and vitamin supplements – in a growing and increasingly competitive market, and "touch" consumers.

* superfood:
Food for body and soul that contributes to an healthy and youthful body; food super concentrated energetically and nutritionally to provide the body an extra dose of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, in a 100% natural and balanced way.

Superfoods provide well-being, health, energy, memory, clarity, strength, balance, physical and mental performance. But people need more than this in everyday life, like courage, will, motivation, peace of mind, good spirit, youth, joy, reasons to smile, inspiration. That’s why the new brand encourages, challenges, cheers up and inspires. And it gives you what no other gives you. Since the brand to each product naming, including the speech.

The name chosen encourages change, action – and reaction – calls for energy, motivates and moves. It is positive, upward, ambitious. Each of the family products’ names also drink from this inspiration and communicate the spirit of the brand: healthy and fun, light in spirit and strong in soul.

Visually, the RISE product family packaging has a palette of light and bright colors that celebrate both the diversity of supply and the specificity of each mixture. And uses different colors and typography for each product inspired by its specific benefit.

The RISE packaging also serves the purpose of inspiring and challenging consumers, so each label communicates in a unique way and each product contains information on the consumers’ role in their own life, in change, in the ability to start over or to do better.

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