Rexam And Tuborg Pilsner Partner To Launch Limited Edition King Cans For Festive Season

Rexam, a leading global beverage can maker, has been selected by Carlsberg to launch limited edition Christmas cans for their Tuborg Pilsner beer, in Rexam’s 1 litre and 750ml King Cans.

Rexam’s 1 litre can is the largest two piece aluminium beverage can available on the global market and will create maximum stand out on shelf for Tuborg Pilsner beer, brewed especially for the winter season.

Speaking about the partnership, Dr. Linda Boos, Director of Corporate Communications and CSR Carlsberg Germany GmbH says: “Working with Rexam last year was a fantastic success. Rexam’s King Can allows for large 360° branding, giving us maximum visual impact at point of sale, which is particularly important over Christmas. We’re always looking to improve the experience for the consumer and Rexam’s King Cans are a sociable size, encouraging sharing.”

Produced out of the Naro Forminsk plant in Russia, the cans are available in 750ml and 1 litre on the German market throughout December.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery