Written by Katherine Golovinova, Marketing manager of Allinpackaging creative packaging.

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Packaging is an important part of our lives! Though often ignored we need to understand and know that packaging determines how our purchased things are taken care of, so that they last long and are in the best form. There are several types of packaging material available and suitable for a variety of products. Often we do not realize that one kind of packaging might not be necessary and suitable for packaging a different type of product.

Christmas is round the corner – are you preparing home made goodies as gifts for your friends and relatives? You will definitely need some good packaging material, so that your handmade products look the best, are safe and are presented in the best way you can imagine. This is when we realize the importance and need of good packaging material and we start looking for options which will help us.

Plastic has always been a preferred choice in packaging material, since it is economical, readily available and can be used in a number of purposes. This is not just all – plastic containers have great re-use value. Don’t you store your plastic containers at home for some other use? Then what about glass packaging? Glass is also quite popular and preferred by most users. It often becomes difficult to choose the right kind of material and we are just clueless. The end result is that we end up buying the wrong product, not just wasting our money in the process but also reducing the life of the product we choose for it.

How Will You Choose Packaging Material? This might sound simple, but it does not work if you and just buy any kind of packaging material from the store. Here are some things about glass and plastic packaging which you need to consider.

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Glass Packaging – Glass is one of the oldest packaging materials which have been in use since years. There was a time when packaging meant just the use of glass as no other material was considered to be as suitable as glass in packing and storing products. This made glass enjoy several benefits and the material enjoyed innumerable application options.

Brilliant, trendy, stylish and smart! This is what comes in mind when we think about glass packaging. Glass is nonporous and impermeable – it does not degrade and is chemically inert. This means that it is made to guard its content from oxygen and moisture, so that the content is in good shape. This is one of the main reasons why glass is used in packaging many cosmetics – how beautiful things look in glass cases or containers! Glass is also a highly sustainable product which means it can be recycled indefinitely and there is no loss in quantity. No matter how much glass you choose it is not going to harm the environment as it is earth friendly which is one of our major concerns today. How many glass containers or any type of glass container, do you have at home?

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Plastic Packaging – Plastic Packages are more in demand than glass since plastic is more durable than glass. Glass has a problem of damage but plastic has this advantage. There is no risk of any glass container falling and breaking into pieces. This is one of the main reasons why plastic is increasingly being used in kid’s projects and in packaging many handmade products prepared for gifting purposes. Plastic products are certainly cheaper than the glass products, while promising greater durability due to the material.

While talking about convenience in use, plastic packaging options are certainly better. Plastic is extremely light-weight whereas glass is quite heavy. Women’s cosmetics are usually packaged in smart, sleek plastic containers, available in different attractive size, shapes and designs which can be conveniently carried. Women love to carry their cosmetics in handbags and purses and it becomes quite necessary to have the packaging light. Moreover, glass has a risk of damage which does not happen with plastic. This is one of the main reasons why plastic packaging materials dominate women’s cosmetic industry and will continue to do so in the next few years.

Price Factors – If you have a business to run and you need to consider cost factors seriously, then perhaps plastic packaging is a common choice. These are available in large sizes, shapes and varieties and the best part is that it is cheap. No matter how big your packaging material is, it is never going to be tough on your finances. There are companies like Allinpackaging, which offer full range of packaging, both glass and plastic, that will fit every taste.

Just keep a few of these factors in mind when picking up packaging material for your products and ensure long life of everything you purchase.

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