Creative Agency: CP+B Scandinavia
Art Director / Designer: Anders Olausson
Design Director: Kristian Hallberg
ECD: Gustav Martner / Björn Höglund
CD: Mattias Berg
Account Director: Carl-Johan van Heesch
Copywriter: Per Rundgren
Motion Designer: David Forss
Experience Designer: Andreas Folkestad
Producer: Mikael Lindqvist
Developer: Arvid Sollenby
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Scania
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

CP+B Scandinavia was tasked with creating a full product identity and branding of a 999 piece limited edition Scania smartwatch.

The product identity took its start in a historic part of the Scania brand identity – the griffin – which is still included in the company logo to this day in a stylized version. The combination with the sleek black watch led to the name ”Black Griffin”. The Griffin mythos represents value words such as valiance, watchfulness and strength, and is often portrayed as the guardian of great treasure – all semantically very valid for the product in itself. So to represent the name and product identity of the black griffin, yet create a soft and graceful visual impression to balance out the hard and technical side of ”new technology”, we decided to work with black wings as a defining design asset in everything from interface design of the watch itself to the product video, the website – and naturally the packaging.

“The box itself must match the product inside, the experience of a product begins even before you got it, but especially when you get it in your hand. And when you hold it in your hand, that’s when every detail counts. The result was really what we wanted from the start, and our vision through the entire branding work really fell into place.” Says Anders Olausson (Art Director/Designer) & Kristian Hallberg (Design Director).

The Unique Points Of The Packaging:
The box is created from high quality 400g cardboard with carefully folded corners to ensure no raw paper stock is visible. The design was offset-printed and surface coated to match the near satin look and rubber-like tactile texture of the silicone band of the watch – creating a homogenous experience between packaging and the product within.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery