Designed by Artefice Group
Country: Italy


A gift for connoisseurs and collectors,  for the famous bitter liqueur by Branca, that dresses with a new colorful packaging, designed by Artefice Group for Christmas.

After the success of 2012 collection, Artefice Group realizes the new Christmas pack of Fernet Branca: a journey into Fernet Branca world of values with a modern and colorful style. All packs are collectable.

Three splendid tin cans, realized with different bands of colors in a contemporary style, represent genuinely the most exciting scenes of the new Fernet Branca’s commercial:  Friendship, Love, Freedom.

Each of the three subjects has been translated into a can, in order to exalt the prestige and the distinctiveness of Fernet Branca’s bottle. A real piece of furniture.

A creative route, implemented through a colorful modernist graphic, has been inspired by the reinterpretation of Cubism tradition, in between Picasso and Braque, with perfect reference to historic origin of the product. It also evokes the medieval stained glasses of Milan’s Cathedral considering the brightness of the color attributed to the pack design by the enamelled  surfaces and the materiality of embossed inserts, placed so as to emphasize the theme of each subject and the unmistakable Eagle mark.

Even the treatment of the texts is consistent with this inspiration, using a font that recall futurist models, while the product visualization on the back side of the pack stands out through the black silhouette with golden marquetry.

In the past Fernet Branca Christmas packs evoked the antique art deco advertising posters, nevertheless, thanks to this stylistic change, now they also take possession of the avant-garde territory to mean uniqueness and timeless modernity of a unique product.

So comes a Christmas collection, in a totally renewed style  for the most famous bitter liqueur by Fernet Branca.

Fernet Branca with its inimitable taste, that is the result of a formula handed down for generation, unchanged since 1845, is the premium bitter liqueur. A synonym of tradition and excellence.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery