Designed by Beardwood & Co.
Country: United States

Beardwood & Co. has worked on the Bath & Body Works Holiday Traditions line for the past five years. Their designs take a modern approach to Christmas nostalgia and storytelling with collectable characters that keep this line of best-selling products fresh and memorable.

The 2013 Holiday Traditions line captures fun & fashionable characters in a variety of holiday scenes. Through custom illustration, each of the 60 SKUs captures a different holiday moment that drives desire and collectibility. With bold colors and metallic finishes, this line shines bright on shelf, adding to the overall Bath & Body Works holiday in-store experience.

This year we had the opportunity to extend the holiday traditions line into home fragrance. Beardwood&Co. dialed up fragrance cues with edible and iconic holiday treats resting in the snow. Stitch by stitch, they graphically knitted each label to create a Christmas sweater collection. The Fair Isle pattern adds style and whimsy to the design – while connecting back to the Holiday Traditions signature collection.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery