Creative Agency: FlyJabuti Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: ADM
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Packaging Material: Plastic

ADM has just launched its brand new cooking oil series VITALIV. With over 150 years of experience, ADM has built a solid history of tradition and quality, its products being part of the Brazilians’ daily lives.

VITALIV is ADM’s response to the new consumer habits of the modern society. Today, we don’t want our food just to taste great, we also look for quality of life and healthfulness, food products that complement and harmonize our eating habits. VITALIV’s premise is to reach a target audience that is preoccupied with health, one that cooks and knows the difference between cooking oils. With that in mind, FlyJabuti Design developed a project that turns into visual cues all the characteristics and benefits of the products, with a modern communication and an youthful approach.

The VITALIV brand has been designed to highlight the distinctiveness of the series, mixing clean text and organic details intrinsic to the essence of the company. A simplicity that visually transmits VITALIV’s concept and origin. The color code being strategic as means to aiding the consumer upon the time of purchase, making the product identification easier and intuitive.

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