Designer: Malygina Marina
Project Type: Student Project
School: BHSAD
Location: Russia
The Unique Point: Thermochromic ink

Children usually do not like when parents take care of them and refuse to follow their advice, saying: "I don't want to wear a hat", "I don't want to sleep during the day", "I don't want to eat warm food" etc. The mother knows better that her child shouldn't eat food from the fridge or child can catch a cold. So the main idea is to get children interested in doing such boring thing as warming up yogurt before eating, and to turn this process into a game. Using the thermochromic ink I have created a special design for the yoghurt’s package. When the yogurt becomes warmer, the packing changes its color. When the product is in the fridge – packs are blue and animals are asleep. But when you warm it up – packs become white and the animals wake up. There is also a sign advising warming up the yogurt before eating.

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