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Designed by Citrartwork, Indonesia. Designer: Citra Limanto Low carb bread is one of the most sought after foods for anyone following a low carb diet. Curve Bakery helps you to curves your body. Curve bread was specifically designed to curb your appetite allowing you to take in less calories and carbs making this the perfect […]Continue Reading


Designed by WaldemarArt, Russia. Designer: Vladimir Bratchenko Vodka AKOYA with natural pearls inside. Design made in a traditional Japanese style in minimalistic interpretation. Akoya is a genus of sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Calliostomatidae within the superfamily Trochoidea, the top snails, turban snails and their allies. It used to produce natural pearls […]Continue Reading


Designed by Hired Guns Creative, Canada. Photography by Sean Fenzl Lariana Cellars is a new winery in the South Okanagan. In fact, they’re about as far South as you can get in the Okanagan… literally on the Canadian/American border, just south of Osoyoos, BC. They approached us early in the year needing branding, label design, […]Continue Reading


Designed by P&W Design Consultants, United Kingdom. Creative Director: Adrian Whitefoord P&W DESIGNS GELATO & SORBET RANGE International Design Consultancy P&W has designed a range of gelato and sorbet for Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market. The gelato range includes indulgent flavors such as Chocolate Hazelnut, Sea Salt Caramel and Coconut fudge. Sorbets include fresh and […]Continue Reading


Designed by Dho Yee Chung, South Korea. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Drink me! is a line of fruit soda. Influences came from a range of subjects spanning classic video games that use a vector graphics display to the “Talk to me” exhibition at MoMA (2011). Drink me! is a combination of new technology and […]Continue Reading


Designed by Bedow, Sweden. A collaboration with Danish brewery Mikkeller. This Summer Pilsner is the second in a series of four seasonal beers released during 2012. The label is printed with a heat sensitive color—when the label gets warm the bud turns into a flower. Limited to 3,500 bottles. via Packaging of the World: Creative […]Continue Reading


Designed by Bedow, Sweden. Packaging for iNature Skincare — an Australian brand with skincare products made of natural ingredients, free from parabens, artificial colours and fragrances. The packaging range consists of three products with different levels of hydration — Calendula Hydrate, Calendula Nourish and Calendula Repair. via Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive […]Continue Reading


Designed by Tatabi Studio, Ireland. Enkaja proposes mixing different ingredients to create your own cocktail. MIX AND CREATE NEW BEVERAGES: BE YOUR OWN BARMAN. via Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery Reading


Designed by Antonije Dimitrijevic, Serbia. Series of 3 packages for a fruit tea: strawberry, orange flavour and green tea. via Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery Reading


Designed by in-house Design Team of Etude Co. Ltd, South Korea. Head of Marketing: Jung Jae Won, Yu Cha Young Product design: Sul Se Mi Graphic Design: Kim Min Hee, Choi Ji Yee Project Management: Jung Mi Jung Strategic Planning: Yu Yeon Jeong With the product series “milk talk” Korean beauty and cosmetic brand Etude […]Continue Reading