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Designed by Paulo Korpys, Portugal. School: Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave Esmera is a project developed in the Graphic Design course at IPCA (Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave) in Portugal. Esmera is a gourmet range of three fresh flavors (rosemary, mint, basil) of the well known portuguese water brand “Água das Pedras”. Without […]Continue Reading


Designed by Pure, United Kingdom. PURE RAISES A GLASS TO BREWING SECTOR SUCCESS Brand and packaging design consultancy Pure has seen a significant increase in its brewery and alcoholic beverage client portfolio. The number of clients in the sector that Pure represents has risen by 500 per cent since the consultancy completed a full rebrand […]Continue Reading


Designed by Tiffany Harris, United States. The concept behind this line is that you can custom order your own flavored milk to pick up on your next grocery run. Each bottle is 9.5 ounces, the perfect size for kids to pack for school. Each bottle comes with a cow joke on the inside of the […]Continue Reading


Some clients might don’t understand that creativity need times! In Penang, Malaysia… i believe most of designer are facing the same problem that what we are facing here. Our clients want us to do more works in less time, some is more terrible which without extra paid you on that. So the question is how […]Continue Reading


Recently we are busy to develop this website for our customer. We have develop this website together with our own engine which will using the engine to launch as our eCommerce project soon. So for those who like to have a ecommerce systems in lower prices, wait for our package which we will launch with […]Continue Reading


Recently we do some research on paper art and LED stuff. And here our idea or concept which we plan to build it for sell soon. this project is still under going on research. We plan the base design can be customize so that designer can draw and color the base on what they like. […]Continue Reading


Hello there! Welcome to our new website. Sorry that our website is still on updating. Visit us on 20.01.2012 which we will official launch with all our latest portfolio update there! Thanks!Continue Reading